Men's Health

Dr. Doug Sutherland, Board-certified Urologist and co-owner of Rainier Medical, shares candidly about men's health for improved vitality. read more

Noninvasive Fat Loss in Just 15-Minutes?!

Monica is athletic, health conscious, and wants to tackle the stubborn bit of lower belly fat that no amount of diet or exercise seems to get rid of! Monica lies down with the applicators on her stomach while Dr. Emer explains this new technology uses heat to burn the fat forever. It is radiofrequency technology so unlike other procedures where the devices need to move and warm up the tissue, this one sits on the tissue and brings the heat to the exact temperature needed to burn fat. read more

Body Sculpting: trusculpt, Cool Sculpt, SculpSure

Body Sculpting: truSculpt vs. Cool Sculpt vs. SculpSure read more

Juliet Feminine Laser

Juliet Feminine Laser – Care for your Intimate Self read more

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